Thursday, July 13, 2006

On Village Communes

Let's skip ahead to the future a little bit - after the Sporkist Revolution takes place and mankind is liberated from itself, how do we establish order?

Total anarchy and chaos may be desirable and romantic in the tiniest sense, yet that's no way for the human race to go out elegantly. Given that we end mankind's role as the ultimate virus, 'pulling out the plug' as so to speak, where do we go from there? How do we exit gracefully, in an orderly and peaceful manner?

In the 1969 film Easy Rider, the heroes of the movie come across a Hippie village commune, where most of the people have divorced themselves from the city life and have started over, growing their own food, starting families and so on, entirely self-sufficient. Is such a method sustainable? After the Spork Revolution comes, is that the system we are looking at?

Or are there alternatives?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm. I submit that it would take a much better mouse than I to draw the fine line between the absolute individual independence I crave and the cooperation necessary for even token efficiency on a humans-in-the-universe scale.

Difficult to find time to both write poetry AND run the local flour-mill. More difficult still to write poetry, run a flour-mill and support others with the "leisure" time to develop malaria vaccines and liver transplants and better millstones and printing presses for one's poetry.

Is it possible that there is no golden balance between the individual and the process which produces clothing and food (for painfully simple example) and so (probably) betters the lot of the individual?

Best I can come up with is a dream of a very loose collective with a few collectively-supported aims.

We're not of a nature for nice and balanced. Much in the way that smiling makes my face ache I worry that balance would effectively signal the death-knell of the virus known has the "human race".

Everything which has taken us from the primordial Campbell's Alphabet Soup to the condition where we can blog about giving it all up for the simple life has been "won" at the expense of something or someone else.

Sorry, I had a bi-annual performance interview with my squit of a "boss" today and I'm cynical enough to chew the rim of my whisky tumbler and not notice. Someone please show me the magic formula, show me that there's hope for the (my) future and cheer me up!

3:39 am  
Blogger ras said...

Nope, not sustainable. You see, there are many things that they would need to rely on from greater society. In addition, the commune in Easy Rider was in the desert, it would be really hard to grow enough food.

Besides, we are not I believe inherently good (moral) as a race, so someone is always fucking it up for the rest of us (Bush, Hitler, Chavez, etc.).

7:56 pm  

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