Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israel Conflict

I suppose all of you have been hearing about the severe bombings with Israel and Lebanon. It's hard to keep a Sporkist objective perspective on it - naturally your country should retaliate once it is attacked. Yet who really struck first? Why? These things tend to be overlooked during all the excitement.

However, I did more or less a very objective way of looking at it, from Noam Chomsky. The old philosopher expounded his viewpoint in an interview at this site. Hope you all read it, and please leave your comments on what you think about this conflict.


Anonymous rug said...

We can also come up with more theories based on facts or just what seems to fit (conspiracies).

None of this matters. The only thing that needs to be understood by most nations and people today is that peace is not an objective.

Peace is the way.

I mean what more has to be said. If you really want peace then act that way.

Let's admit, they don't care about peace. It's all comes down to power, "my faith" is better than yours and "I just can't live with what HAS happened" so I must seek revenge and set things right.

"Right" in mundane relativistic terms.

For fucks sake pause and take a look at the whole picture OR BLOW US ALL UP AND PUT AN END TO ALL THIS MISERY!

8:49 pm  
Blogger ASH Smyth said...

OR the real question might be: Why does it matter to us? Why is there such disproportionate coverage of this on the news? What relevance has Israel, or Palestine, or Lebanon? They don't even have oil.

And why did the Royal Navy send an aircraft carrier to do evacuation duty? Seems like overkill to me. If you'll pardon the ominous pun.

5:03 pm  
Blogger Prophet said...

Ominous indeed. Unless there are Israeli and/or Lebanese and/or Palestinian Sporkists, this issue really doesn't matter to us at all. The only relevance to us is that it poses a more or less important question: is it suitable for us in that it's helping guide some of humanity towards destruction, thereby making the Sporkist revolution easier? Or do we make a fuss in that it's still unethical?

7:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Holier than thou", once again, comes down to "more weapons and bigger friends with bigger weapons than thou". Bless you my child - now stand still while I blow your head off.

I can't say anything nice about Israel at the moment.

Deification is not just absolutely moronic, it's incredibly dangerous.

How does anyone who professes to live under the "care" of a benign and benificent deity sit down to eat from day to day?

'Dear God, bless this food before us and - oops - sorry about the few hundred people I killed today, amen'?


3:00 pm  
Blogger Prophet said...

In that respect indeed Israel doesn't look good. I'm not sure if moronic's the word... Perhaps astounding. Astounding that people put up with that kind of crap.

The Hezbollah fellows aren't, apparently. But we all know what's going to happen. Israel's just going to pound these guys into oblivion, and wait till the next batch comes along. I doubt there's a solution - two parties want some land - and where land is concerned, it's land or death.

10:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prophet, you're quite right about my sloppy use of the word "moronic". Astounding is good. "Odd" is another word that comes to mind. There's a gentleman I work with who ranted - sorry, talked loudly - at great length about how acupuncture and "alternative" therapies in general are pure bunkum because there's no evidence that they work. Odd, because the same gentleman is a devout Catholic - and as far as I can see there is even less evidence for that particular foible.

You are right about what will happen though. Israel wants to be (much) bigger and to be surrounded by a ring of non-Arab nations. Odd though that also is in the Middle East, Israel has VERY big friends like Dubbyah Blush so it will begin to happen. I wonder where the expansion will end though, given the neighbourhood Israel decided to create itself in. Might have to expand all the way to the borders of USA, Europe and - oh, silly me - USA in the other direction too. Then the globe will be much more understandable and comprise the USA plus two little extra states just for variety - Europe and Israel.


There is, of course, no evidence for that scenario in axactly the way that there is no evidence for the Catholic god or the flight of the bumble bee...

Yo already! We've just discovered American oil under Paris, France as well as the American oil under that big beach around Israel. Golly gee, ain't we the lucky ones.

3:12 pm  

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