Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On "Strangers"

I was suspicious of the fact that newcomers to this site were sort of inhibited from posting their comments - Asvajit relayed this information to me when he said that they would feel too intimidated by the subject matter. But a comment from 'Annelie..xox' on the Da Vinci Code Post made me realise that I have to point something out - this is not an exclusive cult for a specific group of people! Anyone is welcome, we'd love to have your opinions. Post away, we're not going to make you a Sporkist forcibly. I don't see how, anyway...

The list of Sporkists on the right are those that have declared themselves to be Sporkists. If you agree with our views and wouldn't mind being a part of our peaceful revolution, go ahead and make noise about it.


Blogger Annelie..xox said...

I would like to officially declare myself a Sporkist! :D Asvi was right about at first being intimidated by the subject matter. Peaceful Revolution is THE only way to go forward and I am very glad to see I have found fellow idealists!

1:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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