Friday, June 09, 2006

"On alcohol, drugs, pre-marital sex, over-indulgence, and gluttony"

As requested by Electra.

The Sporkist view on the indulgence in anything, be it food or amphetamines, is simply thus:
Too much or too little of anything would be bad for you. Extremes, as in religion, are wrong.

And this works out for pretty much anything:
  • Food - too much results in obesity, too little in malnutrition
  • Alcohol/Narcotics (They're all drugs) - too much can result in death (after a vicious and depressing downward spiral) and too little can perhaps result in you being very stuck-up
  • Pre-marital Sex - this isn't quantifiable as such, but if you want to, go ahead. If you don't, just don't. Don't lash out others who feel differently

The list can go on. Just choose the part of moderation, gauge what's best for you, and try not to overdo it.

It's as simple as that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There you go again, always with the common sense and moderation.

I would add only one thing: exercise moderation where over-indulgence is concerned. That means that I reckon a little bit of over-indulgence is as good for you as much as too much of it may be bad.

A sort of moderation of over-indulgence?

2:21 pm  
Blogger Charlotte said...

I like this post, it makes a lot of sense.
Moderation. I think all religions, however ridiculous their practises may seem now, once started off with moderation if you go far back enough. People have just fucked things up along the way. This is especially true with Christianity.

8:33 pm  
Blogger ras said...

Isn’t the lack of moderation our main problem as human beings though? I mean moderation is a simple theory yes, but in practice it´s nearly impossible for most. And what about people like B. Lee who trained in excess and achieved feats that most only dream of?

I agree that moderation is the key, but how do we practice moderation? How do we tame our desires? This is quest in both Hinduism and Buddhism too believe.

7:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The age-old practice of achieving your "ambitions" by scaling down those ambitions? If you want for nothing then you can have it...

10:57 am  
Anonymous Electra said...

...and what if moderation (especially in terms of things like determination, courage and faith) is not good enough sometimes?

2:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picky, picky, picky, Electra! "Moderate courage"? It's not a phrase you're going to hear very often...

'Hi, here's the six o'clock news. In a fine display of moderate courage a pensioner from Bolton saved twelve pregnant nuns and a small cute dog as their minibus dangled over a cliff-top. ...'

It just doesn't work.

Courage, determination and even that much-abused slightly-icky word "faith" are at the living character end of the spectrum. The term moderation relates much more to the process of living, the more artificial, external stuff like eating, sex and being nice to Deputy Assistant Secretaries Of State for Public Diplomancy (Graffy you know who you are) who make cretinous sstatements. That kind of thing.


You have to pick and choose for yourself what to moderate and what not to.

Show me a bottle of single malt, a cheesecake made for twelve and a bad day and I'll demonstrate the difference for you graphically!

Love, peace and the top of the mornin' to you.

12:34 pm  
Anonymous Electra said...

singer gazelle : that was a sort of a pseudo-joke. it was meant to make you yell 'picky picky picky electra!.

of course, nothing moderates courage or determination when the human mind is fully prepared, nor does it hold us back from deciding for ourselves which indulgences to moderate for our health and safety and which ones to...well...indulge.

moderation is immensely tricky, but when utilized properly, extremely useful and just simply good.

5:08 am  
Blogger Prophet said...

Wow. Well I meant moderation in relation to alcohol, drugs and gluttony in general, but it's good to see Sporkists thrashing it outside the box.

In terms of material things, moderation would be a necessity. You can always learn from your mistakes of over-indulgence by, for example, having your stomach pumped after downing a bottle of scotch.

When it comes to inherent values like courage, determination, etc., moderation doesn't necessarily apply in the same sense, as Gazelle has so correctly pointed out.

As far as moderation being a practise, it is quite nearly impossible for one to accomplish, even if you only overdo it once in a while. However, in the words of Ian McEwan, "the attempt was all", and as long as you keep up your determination in trying to moderate, it's fine.

6:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A religion which has common sense? Now there's a first!

12:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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