Sunday, April 16, 2006

The World Today and Spork

Spork is a reaction, a child born of hatred, pain, suffering and the rape and abuse of Free Will. Every day, a child is born into poverty, and will grow up facing the unfair difficulties that none of us are lucky enough to face. These children will most likely never know any other life. Yet this planet is more than equipped to feed the hungry three times over - but the money is spent on nuclear weapons and armaments.

An animal alpha-male sentiment that some humans are unfortunate enough to carry with them seems to control politics. Politicians control the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. Their policies, however, are concerned with how they can manage to appear strong and right. It is these cretins who rule the planet. They only help aggravate the infection that is mankind.

Look around you. The newspapers report sick obscenities every day, without fail. Prejudice and discrimination is still prevalent, sentiments from hundreds of years ago.

Spork is a new religion that is designed to combat these vices and oppression, and make us what we really are - humans. Our lifestyles are designed essentially to reduce us to animals. The consumer world wants you to consume. Television wants you to look desirable according to what's fashionable. The only philosophy that the average man in the street holds now is one that drives his system to the next meal, nutritional and sexual.

The consumer system has turned everyone into mere pawns and robots. We are all controlled by arbitary forces. We are no longer 'free'. Hypocrites and Bastards run this planet. Something must be done.

Spork is something. The Prophets of Spork hope that this movement will be embraced, not as the one true philosophy, but as the philosophy and religion that will help mankind move into the next phase of existence, by obstructing and destroying the controls that make us what we are today.


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