Saturday, April 15, 2006

Welcome to Spork.

The time has come, brethren.

Mankind has become a rash, an infection that has convulsed and bloomed as a result of Free Will abused. War, disease, rape, murder, corporate monopolies and 50 Cent are the prime products of what is supposed to be Earth's most intelligent product. In a world where children are bombed on their way to school by men they don't even know from halfway across the planet, an answer is sought feverishly.

This is that answer.

People have turned to God - He's not listening, He's dead, or He's lost interest. People have turned to reason and logic, and have been criticised and cut off by a swiftly evolving draconian society. Where are the answers in this harsh, chaotic and unfair world?

Right here. Look no further.

In the following months, Spork will deliver all the answers you need. There will be no more suffering, no more whining, no more pathetic stagnation from a consumer-driven society. If you are looking for complete social and spiritual salvation and absolution, you came to the right place.

Stay tuned.

The Prophet


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