Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In Reply to the Fluffy Bunny Man

This is in reply to a post made on a blog belonging to a gentleman who likes Fluffy Bunnies, all about Spork. (That's not him, just a very alarming picture I stumbled upon. Hope it's not real.) Very nice of him to spread the word, but I would encourage you to post comments here, even if they are criticisms. But if you're just going to praise and kiss the Crust of the Beefpie God, do it here and on your blog.

Anyway, in Spork's defence: I am fully aware that the universe is a big place. I don't need to point it out to you that we are nothing but specks of dust in the cosmic scale of things. I feel that the establishments that have guided us to where we are now have truly and sincerely made things quite irrevocable and irreversible. Spork is an attempt to break the timeline and bring us to a peaceful standstill, where we can make a decent departure from earth as its most intelligent species, without nuking each other into oblivion.

Trust me when I say that those who follow this religion are rabbits who share your vision of a peaceful Valhalla. The thing is, to get there, we are going to have to transcend a number of things. The concept of an establishment will be destroyed. This is the establishment to destroy all establishments for all time, the 'war to end all wars' as so to speak. All that will be left after this revolution will be you, and a whole lot of time for yourself. A whole lot.

The gentleman also said: "It's a failing of mine that I can't map out the route from Blair's dreary little den of greasy corruption towards the grassy meadow where rabbits write poetry and drink elderflower wine." How true. See the previous post on this website. Spork calls for active involvement. You have to go out there and carry out the will of the Beefpie God. (Which will be revealed soon, I'm still waiting for It to get back to me on that one.) This gentleman is quite honest in recognising this fundamental flaw of laziness that inhibits change.

The World can be a better place. Don't lose heart now, please. You just have to make the effort to fulfil the Beefpie God's will.

Stay Tuned.


Blogger Undivine Intervention said...

Hmnn...i cannot deny that i'm intrigued. I don't know anything about spork; in fact, i just came accross it today...although the rational(?) half of my brain is telling me that nothing like this exists, who am i to judge anything? Besides, all religion is based on blind faith anyway. Looking forward to more. Hail ye, O mighty beefpie God!

6:12 pm  
Blogger Prophet said...

If you don't know anything about Spork, read the previous posts, particularly the first few ones. This does exist. And yes, who ARE you to judge anything? But this is not religion based on blind faith. The Beefpie God actually DOES send messages to me. Stay tuned for more.

7:28 pm  
Blogger Singer Gazelle said...

Sporky, me ol' gnat's whisker, if I may make so bold - you need no defence. I wholeheartedly endorse and nibble at the espoused aim and to that end I have dedicated several large cave-paintings to the cause and to your blog-address. Tis but that when I stand among the tall green grass of home I see many difficulties along our way. Would it not be possible to experiment with reverse-faith by making establshed religions just too much hard work to bother with and allowing SPORK to be the revolution which just sort of, well, drifts over people while they're complaining about how established religions are just too much hard work? The chance for success lies in embracing our species' apathy, surely, not in seeking out the deeply buried, much disguised and rather minuscule needle of individual altruism? Please ask the great (beef flavoured) Quorn Pie to at least consider active pragmatic apathy as a course of inaction when next you commune...

12:03 am  
Blogger ASH Smyth said...

Tell me, is that chap's hand really IN the big rabbit? Ja, before ze Germans get here...

Hm. Meanwhile, Mr Singer Gazelle, bravo on YOUR pages, yes indeedy.

But you are far too chilled on this issue of religions. Look not to the difficulties, even through the green green grass. ALL religions should be outlawed. Simple as that. See my ffffing and blinding about nurses at www.nonanglisedangeli.blogspot.com for the grist that, er, grists my mill.

Prophet. Freedom of religion - as so pleasingly espoused in your small nation - should/could also be interpreted as freedom from religion. Choose your stoker, Sir.

Like the good script-writer said about the Buddha, I don't take lessons on abstinence from a guy who weighs 400lbs.

3:28 am  
Blogger Prophet said...

That's quite nice of you, Singer Gazelle. Cave paintings are always fun. I truly do appreciate the fact that you take time to view things from the tall grass. Like I said, this religion is for everybody, and we do need people who worry. The end-product will all the more tastier. But, the trouble with reverse-faith is the cunning, evil bastards in charge of organised religion. THEY will rape widespread indifference and dig their greedy fingers deeper into the planet's soil and our freedom. Their defeat can't be brought about like that. You forget their influence on Political Organisations and governments. They will cut us off. I will, however try to ask the Beefpie God. Don't know about Quorn Pies, though. Haven't seen any of those for a while.

Thank you, Ash Smyth, for the correction. I will administer it immediately. And, I don't weigh 400 pounds, like the Laughing Buddha.

3:10 pm  
Blogger Prophet said...

And I think his hand IS up the rabbit's arse. What a sick world. Just look at the look of absolute pleasure on his face. He needs Spork.

3:14 pm  
Anonymous danielle said...

that poor little wrabbit?!

8:49 pm  
Blogger Schizo's rainbow said...

Did as you recommended and not that Im trying to kiss-ass any wrabbit..your point of view is thought provoking,moreover the closely knit relation to beefpie God is a sure shot crowd pleaser.
It kind of reminds me of "Sohpie's world" where the writer points out the limitless ignorance of human beings who might as well be living in the fur on a huge planet sized rabbit and not have a clue.Therefore,your article dares one to wonder. Am I making sense?
By the way, my condolences to the rabbit and if you ever want to form a Rabbit Rights Reform,I'll be the first one to jump on the bandwagan,no questions asked!

6:11 pm  

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