Sunday, April 16, 2006

Essential Spork

Time to stop beating around Bush.

Finally, I will deliver a simplified version of what Spork is, and what it entails.

Spork is a new-age religion, similar to Scientology (only in terms of its recent emergence). It focuses not on outdated idols and legends, but on the world today and how to pierce through the Cobwebs of Chaos that has been imposed upon humans by humans themselves. It seeks to rid the world of these constraints once and for all, so humans can achieve what they were meant to in the beginning. The ultimate goal is to achieve the Supreme Human Being - one that is totally free from the materialistic chains of the Consumer World, one that is free from being a complete animal, one that embraces what makes us human.

That is our Holy Mission. We wish to achieve total peace on earth, so the truth may be found in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.

The means by which we shall achieve this shall be soon revealed.

Stay tuned.

The Prophet


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