Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ah, THERE'S thy Feedback!

Thanks to Rug, Danielle and Ras for sending some Feedback in. I urge you to spread the link to this site around, so we can get some more exposure. Ask all the questions you want, there will be discussions initiated.

I have recently also introduced a young artist and musician by the name of Asvajit, from South Asia, to the world of Spork. He was very impressed and enthusiastic, and agreed to supply the movement with some thematic art - even more to look forward to. You can view his work at The embryonic stage of this religion is proceeding well.

There is no God, except for that of the Beefpie.


Blogger Kim Ayres said...

So what is beefpie?

8:43 pm  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

And is it suitabkle for vegtarians?

8:43 pm  
Anonymous rug said...

Eat Beefpie with a Spork....or not?

10:16 pm  
Anonymous rug said...

BTW, what would you call a follower of spork? I know it's not important at this stage, just curious.


10:21 pm  
Blogger Prophet said...

A Beefpie is just a Beefpie. It has no significance whatsoever other than the fact that it is the medium chosen by a Cosmic Voice to speak to the Prophets. It just so happens that every time I look at a beefpie in a restaurant or a diner or a family meal, I get voices and images in my head. I'm a vegetarian as well, I don't eat the pie, but if I look at it, I get these messages. I don't think eating beefpies would be suitable for you if you were a vegetarian, kim. But you could try staring at it.

Rug - A follower of Spork is a Sporkist.

8:59 am  

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